When you make arrangements

Our Funeral Directors and Staff will make every effort to assist you during this time. We know there are many difficult decisions that must be made. We are here to answer your questions and offer suggestions, when appropriate. It is our sincere desire to help you pain a service which will honor your wishes and celebrate the life of your loved one.

During the arrangement conference, you will be asked a few questions that may require some previous thought or research. These include:

  • Full name of deceased
  • Name to appear in the obituary
  • Birth date and place of deceased
  • Occupation
  • Social Security number
  • Name of deceased’s father
  • Maiden name of deceased’s mother
  • Church, club or union memberships
  • Pallbearers (usually six)
  • Other items to be included in obituary
  • Educational level of the deceased

This information will be used to complete the death certificate and complete the obituary. You will select a casket or cremation container as appropriate. Your funeral costs will be itemized and fully explained. Certainly, feel free to ask questions at any time.

Once explained, one or more responsible parties will be asked to sign the funeral purchase agreement. You will be given a copy of this agreement at the conclusion of the agreement conference.

Items you should bring with you….
1. Clothing, with appropriate undergarments
2. Any jewelry to be used
 Will it be left on or removed?
3. Insurance policies to secure the account or you would like us file
4. If a Veteran, the discharge certificate or DD 214 form
5. Glasses, if desired
6. Items for a memorial display
7. Photographs

 We provide Memorial Folders. This is a brochure which is distributed at the funeral service and includes information about the service and the person to be honored and remembered.